ROES Update Coming Soon

UPDATE. We will be migrating over from our Desktop version of ROES to the Web based version. This new version will run in ANY browser. It will NOT require JAVA and it will also work on any tablet and smartphone. This will allow ordering from all interfaces. We are finalizing the details and changes with ROES and should hopefully go live with it around Christmas, hopefully sooner. Below is our test launch if you would like to see how it works. Please note you CAN NOT place an order with it until its out of the testing phase.

ROES Ordering System


Order with your MAC or PC. A simple drag and drop JAVA application that runs locally. No need to wait for your files to upload before ordering. Once the ROES application launches, click on the Catalogs button and to the product group you need. 
Mac Clients who run into an issue installing for the first time, instead of double click on our ROES Icon to install like is says, copy the icon, place it into your applications folder and double click it from there. Installation should proceed as normal.



OSX 10.8+


OSX 10.6-10.7