Fuji Paper Backorder Issue & Price increases

We would like to update everyone on the Fuji paper back ordered issue. As of June 3rd, we are completely out of 30" Luster paper. We have a been limping by on 20" luster to print everything 20x30s and under, but that paper too, will run out by June 7th. Fuji has not been able to give us a time frame of when we can expect our paper that has been on back order for over a month now. To prevent refund issues on our side, we will be turning off products in ROES to prevent clients from ordering what we can not produce at this current time. Secondly, we are seeing price increases almost weekly on paper, chemicals, utilities, shipping and more, we have no choice but to raise our prices on certain products. Price increases will be coming to all the Fuji printed products. We have done our best to absorb where we could and while work coming in continues to increase over the last few months our revenue however is not. Please be patient with us as we navigate these very stressful times.

  • Rolled Canvas

    Rolled Canvas

    Rolled Canvases have at least 2" extra of blank material all the way around for stretching.
  • Gallery Wrapped

    Gallery Wrapped

      Gallery Wrapped Canvases are printed over sized so that there is printed material on the sides and then stapled on the back. Gallery wraps are offered in 1.5" thick frames
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Canvas Info

Canvas prints are printed on AC Gloss Canvas by Aurora Northern Lights, a poly-cotton canvas with a traditional acrylic “gesso” coating and a beautiful glossy finish is a true artist’s canvas. It is the perfect choice for photo, fine art, home and office decor applications.. A Rolled Canvas is just that, your file is printed and shipped to you rolled, we provide a minimum of 2" extra of white canvas all around your image so you have material to stretch with. Gallery Wrapped Canvases are printed 2" larger on all sides for the 1.5" frames and stapled on the back.  To the left is a list of our most popular and standard sizes, though we really can print almost any size. 

Canvas Pricing

 Gallery Wrapped
1.75" Frame
11x14 8.55 64.82
12x18 12.00 78.33
16x20 17.78 95.13
16x24 21.33
20x20 22.22
26.66 117.95
24x24 32.00 129.68
20x30 33.33 135.07
24x30 40.00 164.85
24x36 48.00
30x30 50.00 165.56
30x40 58.33 196.05
40x60 116.67

Canvas Fast Facts

  • Canvases are printed on our HP 365 64" Latex Printer and Vutek GS3200 for rolls wider than 60".
  • Normal in house turn around times are 2 to 3 business days for rolled canvas, 3 to 4 business days for gator and gallery wrapped.
  • 8 bit per channel RGB JPEG or Tiff Files ONLY.
  • No higher than 300dpi for sizes up to 30x40, 200dpi for sizes larger than 30x40 is sufficient.
  • Rolled Canvas are printed with a minimum of 2" extra of white canvas around for stretching.
  • Custom sizes are available, stretcher bars are available in whole inch sizes only. Custom sizes add about 5 to 7 business days to the turnaround time.

Canvas FAQ's

  • What type of files do you accept? +

    We can only accept 8bit per channel RGB JPEG or TIFF files only.
  • What type of canvas media are you printing on? +

    We are printing on AC Canvas Gloss by Northern Lights,  a 22.5 mil poly/cotton blend canvas with a traditional acrylic "gesso" coating and a gloss finish .
  • What is the archival rating of your canvas? +

    The light fastness ratings is 200+ years before noticeable fading under normal lighting conditions.
  • What Color Space or Profile should my file be in? +

    We don't really have a preference of what color space profile you use, as long as it is a normal working RGB Color space, like sRGB IEC61966, AdobeRGB1998. 
  • Do the gallery wrapped canvases come with any hardware for hanging? +

    Yes, we now provide both sawtooth hangers as well as a hanging wire kit with all our Gallery Wrapped Canvases.
  • What type of printer are the canves printed with? +

    We are printing with an HP 365 Latex Printer
  • How much image is lost to the wrap around on the Gallery Wrapped Canvases? +

    On the 1.5" thick frames, you will lose 2" on each side, so as an example, a 16x20 gallery wrap on the 1.50" bars would be printed as a 20x24. This gives us enough for the wrap around and a little extra for the stapling on the back. If you dont want to lose any of your image, request in the special instructions for us to mirror the 4 sides instead.
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How to Order


2 Easy Ways To Order

Click on the ROES Icon above to enter the ROES WEB ordering system

A few key facts about the ROES Web ordering system:

1- You can only use Google Chrome or Safari

2- If you are ordering from tiff files, you can only use Safari, Chrome has a known issue with tiff files that Google has yet to fix

3- Only order from 8bit RGB files

4- The login Section at the top of the screen is NOT currently used.

5- Should you encounter any issues ordering, please contact us through the support page or call us at 732-536-1808

Click on the above Icon to download and install the ROES Desktop application. 

A few key facts about the ROES Desktop system:

1- The application is Java based that will download and will run on either a PC or MAC.

2 - The Desktop application is ideal for clients ordering from a large quantity of images or very large sized files.