Please note after years of holding our pricing steady, as of July 13th, 2021 most prices have increased. Due to the shortage of staff, the web site has not been updated with the new pricing, however the pricing in ROES is current and correct. The Web site will eventually be updated to the newer pricing, however, our priority is keeping caught up on the massive influx of work over the past 5 weeks. If you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call prior to order. Just to reiterate, the pricing in ROES is correct.

ROES Ordering System


2 Easy Ways To Order

Click on the ROES Icon above to enter the ROES WEB ordering system

A few key facts about the ROES Web ordering system:

1- You can only use Google Chrome or Safari

2- If you are ordering from tiff files, you can only use Safari, Chrome has a known issue with tiff files that Google has yet to fix

3- Only order from 8bit RGB files

4- The login Section at the top of the screen is NOT currently used.

5- Should you encounter any issues ordering, please contact us through the support page or call us at 732-536-1808

Click on the above Icon to download and install the ROES Desktop application. 

A few key facts about the ROES Desktop system:

1- The application is Java based that will download and will run on either a PC or MAC.

2 - The Desktop application is ideal for clients ordering from a large quantity of images or very large sized files.