Fuji Paper & Price Increase Effective Today, July 13th

July 13th Update. All the Fuji paper options are turn back on. There are however a few of the smaller print sizes that we will no longer offer the glossy, matte and metallic options. Basically all sizes below a 5x7 will not longer be offer for the aforementioned surfaces. Price increases went into effect today as well. Please note the web site prices will be updated over the next few days, the prices in ROES are the correct prices.

  • Water Resistant Satin Cloth

    Water Resistant Satin Cloth

    Water-Resistant Satin Cloth is a lightweight, sales water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant polyester fabric that produces excellent image quality. It has quickly become a popular option for photo exhibitions, trade-show graphics, P-O-P displays, and décor art.
  • Excellent Image Quality

    Excellent Image Quality

    It also feels soft and luxurious and is easy to hang and transport. As its name implies, shop  this cloth is highly resistant to water (particularly with pigment inks).The coating can hold high levels of ink saturation for richer, more brilliant color on the ultra-white base polyester cloth.
  • Endless Applications

    Endless Applications

    Water-Resistant Satin Cloth has been used in retractable banner stands, sildenafil art-gallery exhibitions, remedy table skirts, buy window shades, flags, privacy screens, and dozens of other applications. This cloth is a great alternative to traditional backlit films, because the colors really pop when prints on Water-Resistant Satin Cloth are lit from behind.
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Water Resistant Satin Pricing

Water Resistant Satin starts at $7.84/sqft.

Standard Sizes
24x36   $47.04
36x60   $117.60
36x80  $156.80

36" I Banner Spring Back Banner Stands $60

WR Satin FAQ's

  • What type of files do you accept? +

    We can only accept 8bit per channel RGB JPEG or TIFF files only.
  • What Color Space or Profile should my file be in? +

    We don't really have a preference of what color space profile you use, as long as it is a normal working RGB Color space, like sRGB IEC61966, AdobeRGB1998. 
  • What widths is Satin Cloth available in? +

    While we only stock the WR Satin Cloth in 36", treat it can be ordered in 24", ailment 36", 42", 44", 50" & 60" widths. We mainly stock the 36" since we also carry the 36" I Banner Spring Back Banner Stands.
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I-Banner Stand Info

The I-Banner Spring Back Banner Stand is an economical, lightweight banner stand that is as versatile as it is attractive. Each kit includes 2 graphic rails, 3 support poles, 1 foot, 4 end caps for the rails, 4 rail connectors, and 4 hanging mounts. By using 2 of the 3 support poles, you can create a display that is 60.5 in. H. Insert the third pole, and increase the height of your display to 80 in. With the rail connectors, you can combine multiple banner stands to create an multi-panel backwall display. Use the hanging mounts to suspend the graphic rails from the ceiling instead of display the graphics in the floor stand.

Water Resistant Fast Facts

  • Water Resistant Satin is printed on our Canon iPF9000 12 Color Ink Jet.
  • Normal in house turn around times are 2 to 3 business days
  • We currently stock Satin in 24", 36" & 42" widths. We can print full bleed on the first 3 widths.
  • 8 bit per channel RGB JPEG or Tiff Files ONLY.
  • No higher than 300dpi for sizes up to 30x40, 200dpi for sizes larger than 30x40 is sufficient.
  • Water Resistant Satin can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • We gladly accept custom sizes.

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